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Media Appearances and Law Lectures

I am available for media appearances, written articles, comment and lectures, upon request.

Media Appearances

I have appeared on the BBC, ITV, Sky News, Channel 4 News and Al Jazeera English; been interviewed and quoted by The Independent, Guardian, Observer, Mail, New Statesman, Evening Standard, Scotsman on Sunday, The Economist and VICE; written well-received articles for The Independent and Guardian newspapers; and tweet as @MylesJackman and blog in a personal capacity.


I have spoken at The World Humanist Congress in Oxford, the Open Rights Group, Onscenity Network, Libertarian Alliance and various LGTBQ, BDSM, legal, academic and adult industry conferences. My obscenity cases are taught at law schools across the country; and I have also lectured at law faculties including Birmingham, Birkbeck and Bristol UWE.


Censorship – Video and Audio:

My appearance on Sky News to explain the rationale behind the Porn Protest - Sky News.

Porn Protest outside Parliament against the new Porn Laws - Video.

My contribution to the Sex and Censorship Rally at XBIZ EU 2013 - XBIZ.

"Search engines already block abuse images, says lawyer" - Me on filtering on ITV News.

My appearance on the Moral Maze - BBC Website.

My Libertarian Alliance lecture on Extreme Pornography - Video.


Personal Appearances:

Law Society Junior Lawyer of the Year Excellence Award Winner - Law Society.

Obscenity Lawyer Interviewed by VICE UK - VICE.

My Legal Life - Law Society Gazette.

How to create a niche doing something you're passionate about - Legal Cheek.


Porn Trial:

"Extreme porn trial: consensual sex and the state - Despite Simon Walsh's acquittal by a jury, the case raises questions about the right of the state to intrude on individual's private and consensual sex lives" - My article in The Guardian.

"The shameful and nasty prosecution of Simon Walsh -A jury unanimously acquits in the latest "extreme pornography" case" - David Allen Green in New Statesman.

Simon Walsh's appearance in the BBC Newsnight feature on the impact of the Porn Trial BBC Newsnight (Video).

"The Porn Trial created a storm on Twitter and the British mainstream media. Simon Walsh was on trial under a draconian law that criminalises the possession of so-called "extreme porn". I met Myles Jackman, Walsh's solicitor, to discuss the trial and its implications"Moron Watch Podcast (Audio).

"Porn Trial: Barrister Simon Walsh Acquitted As Fisting Declared 'Not Extreme'" - Huffington Post.

"The acquittal of Simon Walsh at Kingston Crown Court - It is traditional for the judge to tell defendants who have been acquitted in a criminal trial that they leave the court without a stain on their reputation" - Heresy Corner.


Obscenity Trial

"Obscenity trial: the law is not suitable for a digital age - I welcome the jury's verdict but the OPA means the state is still capable of acting as a voyeur in the bedroom" - My article in The Guardian.

"Not guilty verdict in DVD obscenity trial - A male escort accused of distributing obscene DVDs has been found not guilty by a jury at Southwark Crown Court" - BBC News Website.

"It's time to abolish the obscenity law. Obscenity robs us of our agency. And it tells us we are depraved" - New Statesman

"Obscene publication acquittal prompts guidance review" - Solicitors' Journal.

Twink Trial

"The evidence is mounting. Is the CPS institutionally homophobic?" - My article in The Independent.

"Man wrongly charged in Crown Prosecution Service's 'homophobic witch-hunt'" - The Indpendent.

"Attorney Myles Jackman, after winning a case on behalf of a U.K. man charged with possession of child pornography said that there is evidence mounting that the Crown Prosecution Service may be institutionally homophobic" - XBIZ.



Your Rights If Arrested

You have the right to free, independent and confidential legal advice, either in person or by phone.

You should ALWAYS exercise this right: by saying that you want a solicitor to advise and represent you.

If you do not know the name of a solicitor, you can ask for the duty solicitor to represent you.

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Current Activism Projects:

#TigerPorn Judicial Review
I am Judicially Reviewing the CPS and MoJ to clarify the extreme pornography guidelines.

#PornLaws and ATVOD
I am advising members of the adult industry about ATVOD and the AVMS Regulations 2014.






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